Shapes, weights, sections, cox position


The single most important factor to consider when choosing a racing boat is the design weight. To maximise your crew’s speed it is essential that they row in a boat that is designed for their weight.

Swift uses 21 different moulds for "Olympic" type racing boats (7 for 1s, 6 for 2s, 5 for 4s, and 3 for 8s), all based on tried and tested designs, with proven track records, including FISA's own designs for singles, doubles and fours.

With Swift’s range of 21 moulds, which is perhaps the widest of any builder, you will be rowing in a boat that was designed for a crew of your specific weight, and is not a "cut down" version of some larger boat.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Crew weights guide

When ordering boats, please specify the average crew weight required in kilogrammes.
1st = 6.35kg, 1lb =0.454kg, with 14lbs to a stone.

Kg 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110
St/lb 7/1 7/12 8/9 9/6 10/3 11 11/11 12/8 13/5 14/2 14/13 15/10 16/7 17/4
lbs 99 110 121 132 143 154 165 176 187 198 209 220 231 242

Boat weights

The weight of any particular boat will depend upon the grade (Elite, Club A, etc), the rigger type and the size of the boat (crew weight). The factory can guarantee the weight of your boat, so if this is an important issue for you, please discuss it with us when you place your order.

Sectional Boats


All eights are sectional boats (2 pieces), in line with FISA's rules of racing. All other boats, singles, doubles and fours can be built as 1 piece boats, or for easy transportation and storage as 2 piece boats. There is an additional charge for sections in singles, doubles and fours, and extra sections in eights (please contact us for further details). There will be an increase in boat weight of approximately 1kg for singles and doubles, and 2kg for fours and eights.

For sections in 8s and 4s, at the time of order you will have a choice of position for the section (4/5 split or 6/7 split for 8s, and 2/3 split or section just behind the rudder for 4s).

Cox position

All eights are stern coxed boats, in line with FISA's rules of racing.   Fours can be built either coxless, or coxed (top coxed/front loaders, or as stern coxed boats).