Boat electronics

We are pleased to offer Coxmate or Nielsen Kellerman compatible electronics wiring, factory installed on Swift boats.

There are 3 options to choose from;
  • With no electronics - no arrangements for any wiring.
  • Wiring ready Coxmate bungs fitted in seat decks, so you can fit your own wiring.
  • With wiring and Coxmate bungs fitted in seat decks and wiring, speakers and impeller as appropriate.
In line with FISA's requirements, Swift boats are all built with enclosed seat decks to provide maximal buoyancy in the event of a swamping. This can make it difficult for rowers to put wiring under the seat deck themselves, unless there are Coxmate bungs. Putting wiring above the seat deck is of course very easy to do.

The Coxmate bung is a clever way to keep wiring below the seat deck, without compromising buoyancy.
A plastic insert is bonded into the seat deck. A rubber bung fits securely in this insert. It has a number of holes in the underside. The appropriate hole size is chosen, and the hole is then made complete all the way through the bung (either with a special tool, or a drill). Then the side of the bung nearest to the chosen hole is cut through with a Stanley knife, and the wire is pushed into the hole through this split in the side. Finally the bung with wire is pushed into the insert.