Freedom boats – Recreational / Open water

Swift’s recreational/open water boats (1x and 2x/-) are built using FISA's design for Para boats.  They are available in 3 grades of construction, either Elite (principally for Para racing), Club A or Club B, all with composite sandwich construction, so providing stiffness and durability, which is especially important in these flat bottomed boats, while at the same time keeping the weight manageable.

They are useful for introducing beginners to rowing, as recreational boats, for touring, and as an alternative to always training in a fine racing shell, especially in open water or rougher conditions, or for heavier loading and less concern with balance (floating ergometer!). Please note that these are not sea boats, which are designed and built to deal with large waves, and are self bailing, usually with an open stern/transom.

They are stable due to their greater width/beam and flat bottoms, they track well due to their length, and also have a good turn of speed.   The single was even used in 2007 in the Czech junior championships by a novice rower, and helped her get a 3rd place finish!

Sizes and crew weights of the boats

  Length mm Width mm Depth mm Crew weight range kg (approx)
1x 6360 510 265 65-105
2x 9160 515 275 60-100

In order to make these boats convertible to Para boats, they are only supplied with aluminium wing riggers. In fact, the boats are built exactly the same way as the Para boats. For details please read the Para page.

Recreational/Open water 1x and 2x/- boat weights

  Club A Club B Variation
1x 18 20 ±1kg
2x 33 36 ±2kg
2- 31 34 ±2kg

Combined Para and recreational boats

If you wish to order a combined boat, please first order the boat as an Para version. Then you will need to add the following spare parts;

  • Seats (300mm wide)
  • Seat rails (the holes in the seat deck for attaching rails will be the same for Para
    and recreational, so it is easy to change the rails)
  • Riggers? (if you order an Para boat with an especially narrow span etc, you may need to order extra riggers for recreational use)