Freedom boats - Cadet & Cadet Mini

Introducing the most age appropriate singles available today.

Based on an understanding of how youngsters respond to a challenge, 2 genuine racing shape singles for children. These are 2 original, racing hull shapes, sized to fit, to keep young rowers motivated and learning skills.
Cadet 1x : for 45-60kg (99-132lbs), 720cm (23’ 7”) length

Cadet Mini : for 40-50kg (88-110lbs), 601cm (19’ 9”) length.  
Cadet orange

Top & bottom moulding process

By utilising just 2 moulds, the “top and bottom”, we are able to drastically reduce the amount of labor required, a major part of a boat’s cost. The join of the 2 parts runs around the whole edge of the boats, giving them an advantage in toughness over “normal” shells when bumping into things.

Reverse wing riggers

Boats are supplied with reverse wing riggers, as now popular with Elite and International rowers. As well as negating the need for backstays, what young rower would not want to have the same set up as the World and Olympic champions?
Each boat has the choice of 2 rigger sizes, with span and work height suitable for small people.
Cadet riggers
 Work heightSpanLateral PitchRecommended height of rower
Small14.5151(148-154)1 degree150-165cm (4’11”-5’5”)
Large16155cm (152-158)1 degree160-175cm (5’3”-5’9”)
Cadet Mini riggers:
 Work heightSpanLateral PitchRecommended height of rower
Small 13 147cm (144-150) 1 degree140-155cm (4’7”-5’1”)
Large 14.5 151cm (148-154) 1 degree150-165cm (4’11”-5’5”)
The same riggers cannot be used on both the Cadet 1x and the Cadet Mini 1x.
Custom riggers are not offered.

Quick Release (QR) is available as an option.

Tough gelcoat finish

By opting for gelcoat over the polyurethane paint we use on our normal racing shells, we are both providing a tougher finish, and again reducing the labor and costs involved. All hulls will be in white, with a choice of 4 colors for the “top”, which comprises the bow and stern decks and the cockpit.
Deep orange RAL2011Aqua blue RAL5012
Yellow RAL1018White RAL9003
Please note that the colors shown here are only approximate representations. If the choice of color is very important, then you should check the color using the RAL numbers listed above.
cadet mini

"Step in" design

To help with those first training sessions, we have incorporated a "step in" design to the seat decks. By being able to step into the boat at a lower position, the center of gravity is lowered and less leg muscle development is required than normal racing boats.

Choice of 2 grades

The original plan was to build a very low cost and sturdy racing shape single for young rowers to learn sculling skills in a challenging, responsive and therefore self-teaching boat. Our "Club B" construction uses skins of fibreglass, with carbon reinforcing, that sandwich a core material to provide overall stiffness at a lower weight than multiple skins of fibreglass. The core for the hull is Lantor coremat, and for the decks, seat deck and saxboards is closed cell PVC foam. Due to the small sizes of the hulls and the use of sandwich construction the overall boat weights are kept manageable.

When researching the demand for these boats it became clear that there was interest in having a lighter weight boat, comparable to that of Elite racing shells. By using our "Club A" construction, which involves switching the skins from fibreglass to Kevlar, we have been able to produce very low cost singles that can be competitive, and that we think will hold the interest of the rowers much longer than heavier of more stable "learner" boats.

There are other differences between the Club A and Club B versions:
Club A: £2,100 +VAT Club B: £1,650 +VAT
Same carbon stretcher as normal racing shells, with choice of shoes or our Flexfoot.
Same carbon seat top as our normal racing shells, above a choice of our single or double action chassis.

Cadet weight: 15.5+/-0.5kg (34+/-1lb)
Cadet Mini weight: 14+/-0.5kg (31+/-1lb)
A simple design, plywood stretcher with Flexfoot attached directly.
Roto-moulded plastic seat top, above a choice of our single or double action chassis.

Cadet weight: 16.5+/-0.5kg (36+/-1lb)
Cadet Mini weight: 15+/-0.5kg (33+/-1lb)