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Swift Rewards is another way for your Club to get extra benefits from all the purchases made with the Rowing Centre.

The more you and your Club spend the more Rewards your Club can earn. Your Swift Rewards can be spent on, or contribute towards the cost of, any products we supply. The choice is all yours, to meet your Club’s needs:
Spending over 12 months (Apr-Mar)
Net of VAT
Swift Rewards value
incl VAT
£10,000 £500
£15,000 £1,100
£25,000 £2,200
£35,000 £3,300
£50,000 £8,000
£75,000 £15,500
As an example, when you reach £25,000 your Club will have £2,200 Swift Rewards. You could exchange this to pay for around 50% of the cost of a Swift ‘Elite Plus’ 1x. Alternatively you could blow the lot on 13,750 rigger pin nutcaps to keep your Boatman happy! £500 of Swift Rewards would pay for a FREE pair of Swift sculling oars.

Spend £35,000 and get enough FREE racking for about half a dozen boats or 471 Rigger Jiggers – you´d never have to borrow one again! Reach the highest Reward level and your Club could receive a superb Swift ´Club A´ Racing 8+ completely FREE (based on September 2017 prices).

To register your Club for Swift Rewards Click Here

When you place your orders with us remember to let us know which Club you want to earn your Swift Rewards.
It all adds up to great Rewards.

Swift Rewards will include all purchases (before VAT) from April through to March each year (but doesn’t include spending on postage, packaging or delivery).

Contact us for further details here.