Paint options

Swift Dragon Boats are painted inside and out with a UV and scratch resistant gel coat. We are perhaps the only Dragon Boat builder that paints the scales in gel coat, so that they will stay good looking for year after year, while the stickers used by our competitors will become scratched and tatty.

Our paint shop has perfected this technique of painting the scales right into the mould, with the background color, giving incredibly sharp lines between the scales and background color. Furthermore, the smooth surface of our boats means a significant advantage in speed, over those boats with stickers.
What is more, this is included in the great price, so no extra to pay!

We use the following range of colors:
Orange / RAL2008 Yellow/ RAL1018
Red/ RAL3001 White / RAL9003
Kelley Green / RAL6001 Dark Pink / RAL4003
Light Blue / RAL5015 Light Pink/ RAL3015

Any combination of scale and background color is possible. For those customers in a hurry, we build stock boats, which will have the following color combinations:

Scales color (SC)Sample photos
Background Color (BG)
SC: Yellow RAL 1018
BG: Orange RAL 2008
SC: Yellow RAL 1018 no photo available
BG: Red RAL3001
SC: Yellow RAL 1018
BG: Kelley Green RAL6001
SC: Yellow RAL 1018
BG: Light Blue RAL5015
SC: Light Pink RAL 3015
BG: Dark Pink RAL4003

The RAL numbers are correct, but the colors shown here on your screen are approximations.
The cockpit and bow and stern decks are painted in the same tough gel coat, in white.