Moulds & construction

Our moulds are "2 part" moulds, with 1 mould for the hull and 1 mould for the entire internal structure, from bow to stern.
This system requires a higher level of investment and skill than building what are effectively "single skin" boats, where multiple layers of fibreglass are simply laminated one on top of the other, in a single hit.
The 2 part system allows us to build in all of the features that paddlers should expect, such as non-slip floor surfaces, a flat and safe platform for the steer, fully enclosed buoyancy tanks, posts to support seats and provide extra buoyancy, hand holds etc.
Having the internal and external mouldings, which are then bonded together over almost their entire surface also provides the maximum possible stiffness, as well as an internal surface of gel coat for the ultimate protection from the weather and ease of cleaning.

We offer 2 "grades" of construction:
Standard uses multiple layers of fibreglass cloth and mat, but in a 2 part system as explained above.
Premium uses Lantor Coremat to replace some of the fibreglass layers, adding to overall stiffness while reducing total weight.
Excluding heads and tails, our boats weights are:
Premium 10 man boat complete (boat approx 170kg)
Premium 20 man boat complete (boat approx 270kg)
Standard 10 man boat complete (boat approx 200kg)
Standard 20 man boat complete (boat approx 300kg)

New moulds are under development at present, based on suggestions from distributors, customers and our own observations. These will take the performance of the boats and crews to a new level.