Our bench seats are made from resin infused hardwood, to protect against water damage. They are angled with 5 degrees of pitch, to provide an ergonomically ideal sitting position. The edges are rounded for comfort. The seats around the middle of the boats have posts underneath to provide incredible support for even the heaviest heavyweight!
Hand holds
hands hold Our hand holds are bonded into the internal sides of our boats, one for every seat, plus 1 extra.
Non-slip floors
non-slip floor All floor surfaces, including for the steersman, have a non slip pattern, which is part of the layup of the boat, so will last for as long as the boat.
We provide pairs of footrests, so that all paddlers have a choice of which is most comfortable or effective for them.
Gunwale capping
Our gunwale capping is made from resin infused hardwood, to protect against water damage. It adds considerable stiffness to the sides of the boats.
Heads and tails
Head and tail Our heads and tails are moulded fiberglass, that are then painted in bright colors by hand. The heads in particular are very popular with many customers, for the charm they bring to the boats.
drum Our drums are traditional Hong Kong style drums so have the traditional sound and feel that has motivated paddlers for millennia.
Drummer's seats
drummer's seat Our drummer's seats are made from resin infused hardwood, to protect against water damage. They are designed to easily but securely slide into the rails that are built into the boats.
Steering arm
Sttering arm Our steering arms are very substantial, being considerably bigger than the minimum allowed by the IDBF. This gives great stiffness, and an increased surface area for bonding to the boat. We choose not to use additional bolts to secure the steering arm to the stern deck, as in a collision with another boat or with the dock, it is better that the arm breaks free cleanly, rather than ripping the stern deck to pieces.
Drainage bungs
The bow and stern buoyancy compartments both have small drainage bungs which allow them to be easily drained or aired.
Self bailers
See the "safety" page.
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