Swift Racing Dragon Boats

rowing in action

Swift International was established in Fuyang, Zhejiang, China in 2005. Our business was initially focused on the building of high quality rowing boats, kayaks and canoes, with a focus on value, embodied in our motto, "Quality doesn't have to come at a high price."

With the same determination and principle, in 2007 we started our production of Dragon Boats. We make both the 20 man and 10 man boats, suitable for IDBF and ICF, and we also make the CDBA 20 man and 10 man boats.

After some hard lessons for us, related to the different requirements and expectations of paddlers inside and outside of China, considerable efforts were made to bring the quality of our Dragon Boats up to a level high enough to make them the choice of the Organising Committees of the 2009 EDBF Club Crew Championships, the 2009 IDBF World Nations Championships and the 2010 ICF World Championships.

This effort was rewarded in the finals of the 20 man men’s senior 200m event at the 2009 IDBF World Nations Championships, when the team from the Philippines set the current World Record of 40.02 seconds, smashing the previous record by over 2 seconds.

Swift International works in close cooperation with our distributors around the world, who are shown here.

In 2012 we established Swift Racing GmbH in Berlin to facilitate support for our distributors and customers in Europe, as well as to facilitate sales in Germany and Austria.

If you would like to know more about our boats, please look through our website and contact us regarding pricing and availability.