Swift Racing coastal/offshore boats are proving unbeatable at racing, as well as for just getting out into the tide and having fun!

Since the range was launched in 2017, our rowers have already racked up many world-class records and successes:
  • Bronze medal at the 2017 World Coastal Championships
  • 5 medals at the 2018 French Coastal Championships
  • Race record at the 2017 San Remo to Monaco Coastal Race
  • Race records in both 2x and 4x+ at the 2017 Hong Kong 45km ATIR
  • 2 Gold and 2 Bronze medals at the 2018 British Offshore Championships

All Swift Racing coastal/offshore boats are built to FISA minimum specifications to ensure that you are fully compliant with race regulations. They feature close to the maximum allowed waterline, for maximising boat speed, as well as a sturdy longitudinal 'rocker' for excellent surfing ability. Swift Racing has given particular attention to the rower's position, which is optimised to give you the most effective performance possible. The seat deck height, in particular, is ideally positioned to give you ultimate stability and control of the boat and to reduce your exposure to wind.

Swift Racing coastal/offshore boats are built using sandwich construction with fibreglass Lantor Coremat and carbon - the perfect combination of strength and stiffness. The boats have a tough gel coat finish, with white hulls and a choice of 4 colours for the upper section.

The strong lip joint around each boat is designed for overall durability whilst crucially helping to repel water when you row through waves. The boats are designed not only to give you the ultimate assurances in swells and wavy conditions, but also to give you the speed that you need in flat water.

The range includes two hull designs for CO1x, and one each for CO2x and CO4x/+. One of the CO1x hulls is designed for highly skilled coastal rowers, the other is designed for club racing, training and harsher sea conditions.

The aluminium back riggers used for the 2x and 4x+ are positioned on the saxlips and rigger mounting blocks in order to optimise performance - translating your power efficiently through the boat. They are quickly foldable in order to increase flexibility for transport and storage.


As a rower of a Swift Racing coastal/offshore boat, your safety and peace of mind are assured with:
  • An open transom, as determined by the FISA design, for immediate discharge of water inflow, with a minimal area for water to remain in the cockpit.
  • A lightweight aluminium water anti-return flap at the stern to prevent the inflow of water from the stern into the cockpit.
  • A lightweight throw/tow line in a yellow throw-bag, in the most easy-to-reach position.
  • Handles on 1x and 2x at the bow and stern for easy boat carrying, as well as netted storage to hold small items and drinks.
  • Non-slip surfaces for stepping into and out of the boat.


With a choice of A2 big blade or A3 macon blade, Swift Racing coastal oars have the strength and toughness needed to cope with the full mix of extreme conditions that you will encounter – turbulent winds, rough water, severe swirls, oar clashes, collisions with other boats, to name just a few.

Swift Racing coastal/offshore boats and oars have the best combination of strength, durability and performance you'll need to ensure that you have the edge, in all conditions.

6 Reasons to use a Swift Racing Coastal/Offshore boat and oars:
  • FISA certified specification for international competition.
  • Championship winning and record-breaking design and technology.
  • Optimum level of safety features, to cope with the extremes of offshore rowing.
  • Features to protect the equipment when used in shallow water i.e. beaches.
  • Design features to ensure ease of loading, carrying, transport and storage between locations.
  • Multiple set-up combinations to accommodate choices of scull or sweep rowing, as well
    as steering and coxed or coxless options
To find out more about your ideal specification of coastal boat or oars, please contact.